Amalienborg and Frederiksstaden

Amalienborg and Frederiksstaden

The Palace and the Royal Quarter

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This book tells the story of Amalienborg and Frederiksstaden and the royal residents of the palace over the centuries.

Amalienborg’s palace square constitutes the central square of the monumental quarter of Frederiksstaden, which Frederik V had built starting in about 1750. The four palaces of the nobility that make up the palace complex were built simultaneously, but were taken over by the royal family after Christiansborg Palace burned down in 1794. Since 1920 Amalienborg has been the permanent residence of the Danish monarchy.

The book is part of the Crown Series, a series of small books on the Danish monarchy and related subjects published in cooperation with the Royal Danish Collection. The book is written by Jens Gunni Busck.

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”… så velskrevne og godt illustreret, at man flyver igennem dem” – Antik & Auktion om hele Kroneserien

Amalienborg and Frederiksstaden - The Palace and the Royal Quarter

1. udgave 2015
ISBN: 9788793229105
Antal sider: 64
Pris: 99,95 kr.
Serie: Kroneserien
Udgiver: Historika
Udgivelsesdato: 14-12-2015