North Sea

North Sea


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North Sea represents a collaboration between two renowned creative artists: author Dorthe Nors and photographer Henrik Saxgren. This extraordinary book traces the astonishingly beautiful stretch of coastline between northern Denmark and the Wadden Sea in Holland, reflecting on our human fascination with the natural world.

Nors and Saxgren each spent an extended period travelling along the coastline, producing a breath-taking collection of essays and images about the sea, the land and humankind. This collection – at once poetic, witty and beautiful – offers the reader a profound insight into the life of the North Sea coast. The book consists of fifteen essays and a visual narrative in three parts, depicting the landscape through Nors’s deft, unmistakeable prose and Saxgren’s powerful images. More broadly, it tells a story about our relationship with nature – and about memory, landscape and belonging. 

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Dorthe Nors reviews


“These stories are a dark reflection of all of us, blinkered by our hang-ups and our insistent desires.”
The New York Times Book Review

“It's clear from this collection why Nors was the first Danish writer to have a short story published in The New Yorker”
The Sunday Times


“Opening MIRROR, SHOULDER, SIGNAL feels like opening a window—there’s a bracing freshness and chill to the writing, and the unforced ease of a song.”
New York Times

“Sonja is a thoroughly modern heroine... Comical and clever, with a knife-twist of uneasiness”
The Times

Henrik Saxgren reviews

“In contemplating Henrik Saxgren’s photographs you lose the limitation of your sense of self and experience that of others … This achievement is reached not with a cold lens but with a respectful acceptance of both the horrors that are endured and the pleasures that are indulged.”
Nadine Gordimer, author and winner of the Nobel Prize


“Saxgren’s artistic achievement is world-class photography.”

“Gorgeous … An unforgettable anthropological account of the Thule region.”

“A delicate masterpiece … This book should be compulsory reading for researchers and decision-makers who have anything to do with the Arctic. It deserves international renown.”


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  Forfatterfoto af Dorthe Nors                                                  
Foto: Petra Kleis

Forfatterfoto af Henrik Saxgren
Foto: Carsten Ingemand

North Sea
Dorthe Nors & Henrik Saxgren
Oversat af: Caroline Waight
1. udgave 2021
Softcover m. flapper
ISBN: 9788712062028
Antal sider: 303
Pris: 299,95 kr.
Udgiver: Gads Forlag
Udgivelsesdato: 07-05-2021


Dorthe Nors

Dorthe Nors

Dansk skønlitterær forfatter og en internationalt anerkendt stemme, født 1970 i Herning. Læs mere

Henrik Saxgren

Henrik Saxgren

Henrik Saxgren (f. 1953) er en af Danmarks fineste fotografer med store udstillinger i Danmark og udlandet bag sig. Læs mere

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